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Taizhou City

Taizhou Overview

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Taizhou - City of Beauty and Land of Fortune 


Taizhou is located in the center of Jiangsu, to the north of Yangtze River and is one of central cities in Yangtze River Delta. Taizhou has a total area of 5,787 square meters and a population of 5.07 million. It administrates four counties, namely Jingjiang, Taixing, Jiangyan and Xinghua, two districts, namely Hailing and Gaogang, and the Taizhou Medical Hi-tech Zone. In 2012, it had the local production value of RMB 242.2 billion and the financial income exceeded RMB 62.3 billion. 

 Taizhou is a culturally famous city with a long history. Taizhou has a 2100-year old construction history integrating the style of Yangtze River and Huai River. For thousands of years, Taizhou has been in good weather, safe and comfortable and was named auspicious land. So many celebrities gathered here, such as Shi Naian, Zheng Banqiao and Mei Lanfang. There are several famous scenic spots such as Guangxiao Temple, Chongru Temple, Anding Academy, Sea-watching pavilion and so on. In addition, Gingko Forests, Qinhu Wetland, Waterfront Forests and Tiande Lake Park are also attractive. With regional advantages, Taizhou plays an important position in South-to-North transportation. 6 traffic lines in Taizhou Railway Station connect over 60 main cities in China. Taizhou Port, the nationally first-class open port, was listed in national a-hundred-million tons ports. Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge was open in 2012 and the Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport was open in 2012. 

 Taizhou has industrial bases with outstanding characteristics. Taizhou has a firm industrial base with a group of influential characteristic industry, such as the electromechanical (shipping) industry and the biological medical industry. Taizhou is a nationally technological advanced city and a demonstration city for national intellectual property rights. Taizhou focuses on constructing the "1+3+N" industrial system with equipment manufacturing industry with traditional advantages, three emerging industries, biological technologies and new medicine, electronic information and new energies, and several emerging product clusters. Taizhou Export Processing Zone is an important carrier for promoting industrial transition and upgrade. Taizhou is an area for entrepreneurial investment and a group of internationally famous enterprises were settled in Taizhou. 

 Taizhou is a comfortable living city. The ecological environmental quality evaluation index of Taizhou is listed in the forefront of Jiangsu and the administrated 4 cities are built into nationally ecologically demonstration zone. Taizhou has been built into a nationally healthy city, a nationally environmental protection model city, a nationally gardening city, a nationally double supporting model city, a China excellent tourist city, a China living comfortable city and a nationally civilized nominee city. Taizhou will strive to build China Medical City, a culturally famous city, a charming civilized city and make efforts to blaze a new journey with times features and Taizhou characteristics and realize the basic modernization.

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