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Met with Chengdu Jinjiang District Party Committee Secretary

发布时间: 2017-08-13 14:43:03 浏览次数:

Under the organization of Liu Jiqiang, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Sichuan Province, Li Yonggang, chief representative of the French investmentpromotion , made an official visit to the Jinjiang District party secretary Chen Lizhang and other important department leaders. The leaders include TangYong, director of the Jinjiang district Party committee office, Li Shengsong, director of the Jinjiang District Investment Promotion Bureau, Ling Gang, finance secretary of the Jinjiang District, Yan Yonghang, deputy director ofthe Jinjiang District Investment Promotion Bureau, Li Xiaosong, Dong GuangStreet Party Committee Secretary, Liu Yi,executive vice director of Jinjiang District International New Urban Management Committee and Jin Xin fund companychairman Liao Ning.


 Chengdu Jinjiang District Party Committee Secretary Chen Lizhang

Li Yonggang reported to the Jinjiang District leadership on the main tasks and key projects since the establishment of the representative office, and introduced the main work of the representative office in 2017, which is promoting further cooperation between Sichuan and France in the pension industry and investment funds.

Secretary Chen Lizhang welcomed the visit of French companies to Jinjiang District and cooperation with local enterprises.All departments in Jinjiang District will work closely with the provincial Investment Promotion Bureau to actively promote cooperation in the fields of technology, management and capital between the two enterprises in Sichuan and France.

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