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Signing of the cooperation agreement of characteristic towns

发布时间: 2017-08-13 15:16:23 浏览次数:

On July 24, 2017, invited by Li Ji, Dean of the Qingda Culture Institute, the Chinese side chairman of the Europe-China Investment Association, Li Yonggang, attended the The 11th China Township Model Innovation and Project Operation Summitand the Third Characteristic Town Industrial Operation Summit. On behalf of the Association, Li Yonggang signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Qingda, the two sides will jointly promote the cooperation between the European and Chinese government and enterprises in science, technology, construction, environmental protection, design, and especially in the area of characteristic towns .

Signed a strategic framework cooperation agreement with Qingda Yifang City CEO Wan Fanrong 

Holding a spirit of mutual trust and mutual support, the two sides will establish a strategic partnership to jointly promote the all-round exchanges and cooperation in the field of cultural and creative industries both in China and in Europe. The scope of cooperation includes:

1. Planning of culture, tourism and characteristic towns;

2.Urban Planning Center;

3.Cultural creativity;

4.New industry planning.


 Qingda(Beijing) Planning and Design Institute Dean Li Ji and other important guestswitness the signing of the agreement  

Li Yonggang, chairman of the China-Europe Investment Association, accepted the questionsof the CCTV host 

Qingda(Beijing) Planning and Design Institute Dean Li Ji

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