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Visit to Chongqing

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     On July 29-31,2017, invited by the Chongqing Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau Qu Kehui, the Europe-China Investment Association Chairman Li Yonggang went to Chongqing to visit the Chongqing Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau deputy director Jin Lei and Chongqing Dadu District Deputy Mayor Tang Yong.

Chongqing Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau deputydirector Jin Lei 

     Accompanied by QuKehui, President Li Yonggang visited the Saibole Green Branch Investment Group and met with the Group's Managing Director, National Regional Committee President Li Hesheng. The main business of SaiBole Green Branch Investment Group includes: investment and investment management of technology industry, venture capital, science and technology park investment operations, asset management operations, investment and integration of investment and operation, resource investment, real estate and financial business investment. The future of the company is committed to the wisdom of communications, IT, energy saving, healthcare, financial services, resources and other areas of related investment. 

     Li Yonggang also inspected the Chongqing NEWOPEN Education Group and met with the Secretary of the Chairman, Yuan Jianping. NEWOPEN focus on education development and investment. At present, the Group has the only one real estate vocational colleges in China, and has created the Bachuan middle school and the Bachuan international kindergarten.

     Hui Ke Jinyu LCD panel 8.5 + generation production line project is the first project led by themixed ownership enterprise, and also the largest single investment in the history of Banan District, with a total investment of 24 billion yuan.

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