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AR High-Tech company

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On March 09, 2017, the Europe-China Investment Association visited an AR High-Tech company in Paris. The company is the most competitive company in France in the field of Augemented Reality, the development of content, creation, three-dimensional production, software and hardware development integration to create Augemented Reality system, can provide an all in one solution for the  museums and cultural relics. By the end of 2015, the company was selected by the French Investment Agency and the "French Science and Technology" innovation department to assess the "seven major high-tech enterprises." 


The company's chief executive, Bruno DE SA MOREIRA, hopes to develop the Chinese market and said that Sichuan has a rich cultural and historical landscape and museum resources, is their preferred location to enter the Chinese market.

法国文化部遗产保护司主任Lyazid BENHAMI 

At present the company has provided an augemented reality tour service for the French ancient ruins of Conciergerie of Paris and the Château de Chambord. On March 13th, at the invitation of Lyazid BENHAMI, Director of the Heritage Protection Division of the French Ministry of Culture, the company's China business officer accompanied the Europe-China Investment Association to visit the ancient ruins of Paris in the center of Paris.

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