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Visit to the province of Brittany

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     On May 22, 2017,at the invitation of the Enterprise Development Agency of the province of Brittany, France, the Europe-China Investment Association and the Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Office in France went to Rennes. They visited Jacques LE VAGUERESSE, Director of the International Cooperation Department; Sylvie MOTTE, Director of the International Department; Marie Ange ORIHUELA, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Rennes Metropolitan Government; Vincent CHAMARET, Director General of the Enterprise Development Department of Brittany; Didier STURLAN, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau;Eric VOULAND, Director of Department of Agriculture and Food; and Darin BEACH, Image& Réseau Director of the Virtual Reality and Digital Economy World Industry Cluster and Chief Technology Officer.

     On May 22, the presentative team first met Jacques LE VAGUERESSE and Sylvie MOTTE,and gave a detailed account of the economic development and industrial cooperation needs of Sichuan Province. The leaders of the International Cooperation Department of Brittany hoped to cooperate with Sichuan Province in various ways.

Jacques LE VAGUERESSE(second from the right)

Sylvie MOTTE(first from the right)

Didier STURLAN(first from the left) 

     The representative team then met Marie Ange ORIHUELA at the Enterprise Development Agency in the province of Brittany. The two sides discussed cooperation in cultural tourism, in municipal engineering, especially in waste disposal. Marie Ange ORIHUELA introduced a French West Deep Tour route which is developed jointly by the Tourism Bureau of Brittany and the Loire Tourism Bureau, from Nantes to Rennes till Mont-Saint-Michel, using the "Accommodation, Diet, Study, and Visit "model, hoping to give Chinese tourists a more comprehensive understanding of the local customs.

Marie Ange ORIHUELA(middle) 

     On May 23, the delegation of the Sichuan Provincial Office in France held a detailed meeting with the main leaders of the Enterprise Development Department of Brittany, from the comprehensive planning of the Chengdu-Europe Railway, pig breeding, pork product processing, electronic communication technology and so on. The Enterprise Development Agency invited the Sichuan Provincial Office in France to attend the opening of the international business forum held in early July, and would prepare in the international cooperation zone for the establishment of Sichuan Province booth to promote Sichuan to the province of Brittany and other participants. Meanwhile the Enterprise Development Agency will also organize a delegation of French entrepreneurs to participate in professional exhibitions of Sichuan. 


     The representative team visited Image & Réseau, and met with the Director of Cluster Gérard LEBIHAN and Chief Technology Officer Darin BEACH. Darin BEACH briefed the representative team on the basic situation of the cluster and introduced the relevant strength to China, and hoped to cooperate with the relevant industrial clusters or parks in Sichuan.


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