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Reception of the Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau

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     From May 31 to June 6, 2017, the team of the Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Office in France received a delegation of five led by the Director of Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, Yi Yang. The delegation visited the French province of Loire, the province of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the province of Paris and successfully held in Sichuan, "one belt and one road "economic contact base promotion. 

Province of Loire

     From May 31 to June 1, the delegation met with the government of Loire, and visited the Governor Advisor Christine GUERRIAU; Director of International Cooperation, Jacques BRIAND; and Sophie Le MILLIER, Director of the Asian Cooperation Office.

Christine Guerriau, Jacques Briand and the delegation

     The two sides talked about the similarities and strong complementarity of economic industries between province of Loire and Sichuan: high quality of life, biological and medical technology, science and technology, manufacturing, education technology, entertainment and leisure areas, clean technology, mobile technology, retail, developed e-commerce and developed health pension (Silver economy). Through the talks, the two sides reached a series of cooperation consensus. 

Jacques BRIAND and the delegation

     Then the delegation visited Safe Rail in Nantes and communicated with the CEO Didier BARBAUD and the Chinese representative Yang Yan.

 Safe Rail

Auvergne - Rhône -Alpes province

     On June 2, the delegation arrived at Lyon, where they met with Bruno CHIAVERN, Minister of International Cooperation of the Provincial Government. The delegation held a "one belt and one road" economic contact base promotion of Sichuan Province in local government.

The promotion 

 The Promotion 

     More than 30 people were invited to attend the promotion, including Bruno CHIAVERINI, Director of the International Cooperation Department; Wang Ju, the Chinese Consul General in Lyon; Florent BELTESTE, Director of the International Chamber; Jean-Yves CASTELLON, the Lyon Representative; Jean-Claude JOUANNO, President of Olympique Lyonnais.  

 Some representatives 

     The delegation then met with the GL Event Group and talked with Stephane HUE, General Manager of Strategic Development. GL Event Group is the second largest exhibition group in the world, with operations in more than 20 countries on five continents, with more than 90 branches and more than 250 exhibitions and conference events each year. The delegation discussed with the GL Event Group a number of large-scale activities in Sichuan. 

 GL Event Group

Yi Yang, Olivier FERRATON and Stephane HUE 

Province of Paris

     On June 3, the delegation arrived in Paris and met with French Senator Michel GUERRY; Florence Gabay, Vice-President of the European Union Schumann; Paul MARIA, Counsellor of Economic Affairs of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Nicolas Cerisola, headmaster of SUP de creation; Florence POULET President of MaFrance; Christine Giraudon, Financial Advisor of LGT Bank and Strategic Development Director of Desertec Investment Fund; Liu Kaisheng, Chairman of the Association for Sustainable Development of China and of France; Michel Panet, Chairman of the Association of Sichuan and France and Secretary-General Martine FUMEY. 

 The guests 

     IDINVEST is the third largest fund company in France,  invested more than 3,500 European companies, the company manages more than 7.1 billion euros. IDINVEST focuses on digital technology, health care and clean energy innovation enterprises, supported a number of enterprises successfully listed. IDINVEST launched its first China Strategic Investment Program in Toulouse, France in early 2015, which was named CHANCE Fund. Chinese Prime Premier Li Keqiang and French Prime Minister Manuel Walls witnessed the signing of the agreement. IDINVEST intends to set up an "Industrie du Future" with the local capital of Sichuan, which is equivalent to Germany's "Industrial 4.0" and China's "smart manufacturing" strategy, with a total of 500 million euros (about 3.7billion yuan). 

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