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Met with Olivier Dassault

发布时间: 2017-08-14 17:07:24 浏览次数:

     On June 14, 2017,the chief representative of the Europe-China Investment Association, LiYonggang, chief representative of the Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Office in France, met with Olivier DASSAULT, a member of the French Dassault family in Paris, introduced the economic development and investment environment of Sichuan Province and invited Olivier to participate in the 2017 Western International Investment Conference. 


     Groupe DASSAULT, which has a history of nearly a hundred years, is outstanding in French politics, business and technology. From the beginning of the last century, it developped from a small wooden propeller workshop to today's French aviation industry leader, the second largest aviation enterprise in Europe, in recent years the group also involved in electronic information, media and risk funds and other industries, and got the acquisition of "Le Figaro". Olivier DASSAULT is the third generation member of the Dassault family and is currently the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dassault Group, the French National Assembly, and the future family successor.

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