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Visit of Delegation of Zhongshan in Paris

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    On September 7, 2017, Huang Shunhuan,secretary of the Party Committee of Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Li Mingxia, Vice Mayor of Huangpu Town, Fang Zhiming, Chairman of Huangpu Town Industry and Commerce and 18 entrepreneurs visited Paris, France.Under the organization of the Europe-China Investment Association, the delegation met with Li Yonggang, executive chairman of the Europe-China Investment Association, Lyazid BENHAMI, Vice Chairman of the France-China Friendship Association and Liu Kaisheng, President of the China-France Sustainable Development Association, and talked about the investment cooperation, wisdom ofthe city, the wisdom of home and food processing industry, and many other possible cooperations.


Huang Shunhuan, Li Mingxia, Fang Zhiming, Lyazid BENHAMI, Li Yonggang and Liu Kaisheng



Huang Shunhuan, Lyazid BENHAMI and Li Yonggang 



Fang Zhiming, Lyazid BENHAMI and Li Yonggang 

Under the organization of the government of Guangdong and the Europe-China investment Association, the delegation vistied Germany, France and Italy.

During their visit  at Lyon, they are received warmly by the president of Chinese Commerce Association. 

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